We understand cattle and work with their instinctual behavior to create a calm and consistent experience every day.

Low Stress Handling

Animal handling techniques affect not only the psychological well being of the animal, but also the quality of the meat. Low stress= Tasty meat. We are proud to practice low stress handling techniques making for better stock handlers, stock horses, stock dogs, and of course, happier stock! We also strive to find processing facilities that practice low stress handling techniques to ensure a happy animal from birth to death.

Quality Goat Meat

We strive to produce a product with exceptional flavor and tenderness with all of the health benefits of range finished goat meat. Eating as close to nature is one of the best ways to rejuvenate health and finishing goats on forage is one of the best ways to do that. It has been shown time and time again that the best medicine can be found at the end of your fork and grass finished beef is no exception! Range finished goat meat is extremely high in CLA’s, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin A&E, Beta-carotene, and good saturated fats. CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, has been found to have an array of healthful properties including:

– Anti-carcinogen
– Obesity prevention
– Anti- diabetic
– Decrease heart disease

Eating Experience


Our beef is flavored by what the animal has consumed while tenderness is a hereditary trait. Stress also plays a major role in the taste of meat. We start with genetics that are adapted to making a living on the forages found here in the southwest and also produce a tender meat experience. Our beef has a rich flavor complimented with tenderness. A grass finished beef is generally leaner than beef finished on grains allowing for all the flavor with less fat. We promise that it may be some of the best grass fed beef you’ve ever tasted!

What They Eat

Here at La Plata Livestock we specialize in taking the energy of the sun and converting it into protein. The energy of the sun feeds a variety of forages here at the ranch that are consumed by our cattle. These include different species of grasses, forbs, and shrubs, many native to our region. The plants that the cattle consume, as well as the cattle themselves, consume the cool clean water created from snowmelt high in the mountains, spring water found here on the ranch, and rain. We believe it is important to allow cattle the access to a wide diversity of plants throughout their lives to ensure they are eating a healthy well balanced diet. This is one way we keep our animals healthy without the use of antibiotics and pesticides.



Creating an exceptional grass finished beef product is an art, or craft if you will, such as the creation of a fine wine or craft beer. The finishing process usually is concentrated into a 60-120 day period. To fit this process to the environment, natural cycles, animal needs, and what it takes to make a tasty finished product,  animals are finished anytime after 18 months of age. The best time of year to finish animals here in the south west is in the early-mid summer months when the grasses are at their sweetest and finishing continues through the early fall. Our finishing pastures consist of a variety of grasses and forbs rich in minerals and nutrients to produce the healthiest and tastiest meat possible.

Some of our finishing species include smooth brome grass, timothy grass, orchard grass, and alfalfa. In order to remain environmentally sustainable it is important to keep the animals on forages grown here on the ranch during the growing season. For this reason all animals that are finished will be slaughtered before the winter snows come and frozen for storage.

Our Goats

We believe that in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem you must match the animal to the environment. Therefore our goats come from some of the best genetics to be able to preform exceptionally well targeting many plant species with an emphasis on woody species. All of our goats come from herds that have been developed for many generations on low input management strategies making their genetics perfectly adapted to the environment here in the south west. Most of our goats are purebred Spanish goats from foundation herds, but also contain some other breeds that have been proven to do well in our semi-arid rugged landscape. They are selected on their ability to produce great meat raised solely on local forages, their propensity to browse woody species, and their ability to raise great offspring with little outside inputs.


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