Restoring rangelands one bite at a time


Our Mission

Rx Grazing Services LLC combines the best of human knowledge and animal impact, to benefit our natural environment, clients, and future generations. We operate with unwavering integrity, expanding knowledge, and excellent stewardship to create a growing and sustainable prescriptive grazing services and meat goats.

Our Cattle

We believe that in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem you must match the animal to the environment. Therefore our cattle are sourced right here in the south west. All of our cattle come from herds that have been developed for many generations on low input management strategies making their genetics perfectly adapted to the environment here at the ranch. Most of our cattle are Angus dominant, but also contain many other breeds that have been proven to do well in our semi-arid rugged landscape. They are selected on their ability to produce great meat raised solely on local forages. Some are born and raised here on the ranch while others are sourced from producers in southwest Colorado and northern New Mexico.

Our Beef

Animal handling techniques affect not only the psychological well being of the animal, but also the quality of the meat. High stress= Less tasty meat. We are proud to practice low stress handling techniques making for better stock handlers, stock horses, stock dogs, and of course, happier stock! We also strive to find processing facilities that practice low stress handling techniques to ensure a happy animal from birth to death.

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Invasive weed mitigation

Gambel Oak.

Reduction in forest fire fuel loads

Targeted grazing.

wildlife habitat improvement

Sustainable, responsible stewardship.

meat goats

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